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Smile Headquarters

Smile Headquarters is a boutique style dental practice in Brentwood, Essex. Focusing on providing exceptional dental solutions for clients for a happier life.

Project Overview

Smile Headquarters, a private boutique dental surgery situated in Brentwood, Essex in the UK, delivers premier cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. They fundamentally adopt the principle that their clients should relish life’s finest. In line with this creed, Smile Headquarters established a state-of-the-art, cosy, and inviting boutique practice in Essex.

In conjunction with our healthcare digital consultancy, we’ve bestowed upon Smile Headquarters a daring and gorgeous visual identity, complemented by a breathtaking, mobile responsive website. This site was designed with their patients as the forefront consideration, offering a seamless, effective, and momentous experience.

Problem We're Solving

Smile Headquarters approached our team at Design Co Studio with the aim of developing a jaw-dropping, high-end visual identity. Earlier, they had enlisted the help of other designers to work on their branding; however, they felt the essence of the visual identity was overlooked. The Smile HQ team couldn’t establish a connection with the previous design, which is when they turned to our consultants at Design Co Studio.

The task at hand was to devise a polished, upscale visual identity, without resorting to the overused depiction of a tooth. Incorporating a tooth in dental logos has become clichéd by now, as it’s featured in countless logos.
smile headquarters dental branding project - folder design

Solution Created

Our team had a precise approach in mind for this project. We elected to reform through design and found motivation from esteemed brands such as Patek Phillipe, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Piget, Breguet, Cartier, Hermes, and Rolex. We decided to tackle the branding utilising custom Serif lettering.

The logo composition stems from traditional serif fonts. Using typography, we maintain a classy look and feel with a contemporary curvature that emphasises on the different waves and curves that represent the different angles of a smile.

With the impressive sharpness on the edges of ‘SMILE’ and ‘Exceptional Dentistry’, we depict the detail and sharp attention that goes behind their work, with absolute precision. The font choice has a delicate yet sophisticated appeal, providing the feeling that invites patients in with the playful curves of each letter face whilst maintaining slick but timeless finesse.

Completing the font-type logo with a double-back 2-point border from a era of subtle elegance but symbolising the close relationships we form between clinicians and patients. - fresh breath mouth spray for smile headquarters - dental branding

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