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Ideaspace in Clapham provides co-working, hot desking, meeting spaces and private offices to small businesses and startups.

Project Overview

Ideaspace is a co-working hub located in the heart of Clapham, founded with the prime objective of aiding small businesses. Its purpose revolves around cost reduction, time optimisation, and business growth. Regardless of whether you’re managing a side business, launching a start-up, or operating a small business, Ideaspace offers facilities that welcome all business types, providing them full access to its amenities.

At the inception of Ideaspace in 2017, played an instrumental role. Tasked with the development of the brand, website, and laying ground for SEO, honed in on target customers – these being the proprietors of home-based businesses or individuals seeking a quiet environment to breathe life into their business dreams.

Beyond merely providing a workspace, Ideaspace evolved into a platform that fostered a robust and diverse community. Offering support to each other, the community became a mainstay in Clapham, promoting co-creation and collective growth. Today, it is more than a workspace, it is a shared journey towards success.
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Problem We're Solving

Ideaspace presented our team at with a fascinating challenge – the vision was to construct a clean, vibrant, and stimulating co-working space where creativity could thrive through the power of co-creation.

The goal was to break away from the stereotypical four-walled office environment with insipid commercial ceilings and uninspiring features. To counter this, Ideaspace envisioned an aesthetic uplift with a contemporary interior design, creating an environment that was not just pleasing to the eye, but also fresh, inviting, and conducive to productive work.

Understanding the hurdles that young entrepreneurs often encounter, including escalating office costs, difficulties in juggling time, and the communication barriers that arise when operating an online business in solitude, the founders of Ideaspace were fully aware that something needed to change.
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Solution Created

Our team at was tasked with contributing to the design, positioning, and brand development of Ideaspace. Our objective was to identify and target an appropriate audience, delivering clear messaging that would resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a local office space that could inspire and empower their daily venture. In addition, we designed and built their website that allowed their website visitors to learn about the business and easily engage with them.

We experimented with a host of ideas, which included asymmetric lettering, elaborate curves to dial down the formality, and a palette of bold colours to add vibrancy. Ultimately, our client favoured the standalone lettering, preferring it to be minimalist, yet bold, without an excess of additional characteristics in their logo.

Our team was instrumental in shaping Ideaspace’s visual identity and website, ensuring it was optimised for search engine visibility. Furthermore, we produced printed material to facilitate their promotion of the co-working space, encompassing items such as flyers and business cards.

Today, the Ideaspace brand is renowned throughout Clapham, Wandsworth, and Balham. Individuals from all walks of life make use of their meeting spaces, some for as brief as a few hours of hot-desking, while others have established more permanent workspaces, spurring their businesses to grow exponentially.
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