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Go Freestyle

Go Freestyle, UK's most advanced hair and beauty salon. Allowing hairstylists and beauticians to run their small businesses without the inconvenience and large costs.

Project Overview

Introducing Go Freestyle, the UK’s premier automated hair and beauty salon, poised to enchant the charming streets of Wimbledon in the autumn of 2023.

Go Freestyle’s mission is to offer a seamless, accessible, and affordable gateway for hair and beauty virtuosos to embark on their entrepreneurial odyssey. They provide a fully-automated salon, complete with bookable chairs, devoid of fixed fees or rental obligations. It’s a revolution. was enlisted to craft a captivating visual identity and narrative for the brand. Our aim was to resonate with a vibrant audience—youthful, trendy, ambitious, and passionate about the art of hair and beauty.
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Problem We're Solving

For decades, the industry has remained stagnant in its technological evolution. While progress has been made in developing hair and beauty tools, such as hairdryers and UV lights, none have propelled the experience to a futuristic dimension.

Gopal Shah, the visionary founder, perceived Go Freestyle as transcending mere hair and beauty and venturing into the realm of technology. Our challenge was to forge a visual identity that neither appeared overly tech-centric nor solely focused on hair and beauty. We sought the ideal equilibrium.

Engaging with numerous industry professionals illuminated our path. We were to create a delicate, artistic icon that harmoniously united the two worlds. Thus, we birthed ‘Go’.
go freestyle - hair and beauty branding - Wimbledon Salon

Solution Created

The pulsating emphasis on the word ‘Go’ infused a deep-rooted significance into Go Freestyle, not only as an enterprise but also for the professionals gracing the platform. It embodies the quintessence of agility, movement, flexibility, and dynamism. In the realm of entrepreneurship, this resonated profoundly.

The brand’s ambition was to empower stylists and beauticians to evolve and flourish, offering them a robust foundation that would supply leads, showcase their hair and beauty expertise, orchestrate appointments, cultivate client relationships, and so much more.

Embarking on a creative odyssey, we delved into three distinct stylescapes to glean our client’s vision. Guided by their chosen stylescape, we crafted the stunning branding you are about to witness below.
go freestyle branding project - business cards mockup. Wimbledon Hair and Beauty Salon

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