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Feel Good Dental

Feel Good Dental, a leading private dental practice in Croydon. Providing cosmetic and implant treatments with the mission to help with better oral.

Project Overview

Feel Good Dental is a private dental practice situated in Lower Addiscombe, Croydon. Specialising in private cosmetic and dental implant treatments, Feel Good Dental is committed to empowering individuals to make positive changes and find joy in their lives.

This project was meticulously crafted in collaboration with our healthcare marketing agency, Design Co Studio
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Problem We're Solving

Feel Good Dental, based in Lower Addiscombe, Croydon, noticed a significant impact on mental health due to concerns about dental appearance. Through comprehensive research, they concluded that reduced self-esteem often led individuals to suppress their smiles, thereby diminishing their happiness.

Inhibitions about one’s teeth could result in increased self-consciousness and anxiety, with affected persons consciously limiting their smiles and often avoiding appearing in memorable photographs with loved ones.

This was a problem that Feel Good Dental was determined to solve. They established a private dental practice that fostered a tranquil atmosphere from the moment patients stepped in. By instilling comfort and transforming feelings of unease, fear and anxiety into calmness, serenity and positivity, the practice sought to redefine the dental experience.

Whilst many dental practices exhibit similar visual identities, Feel Good Dental took a different path. They had to stand out, not just because their entire proposition was unique, but also as their offered experience was remarkably distinctive. It was an open invitation to one of the most extraordinary dental experiences – ever.

Solution Created

Our collaboration bore fruit in the form of Feel Good Dental’s distinctive logo. We ingeniously manipulated the letterform to create a brand mark that was instantly recognisable as representing the dental practice itself.

The logo’s design was characterised by smooth curves giving a less stern impression in an often-serious sector. It utilised custom lettering and shapes to bestow unique authenticity upon the brand.

A Sans Serif font was chosen to harmonise with the custom lettering, providing heightened emphasis on the brand name through its boldness. The usefulness of this bold font was realised during the “squint test”, where lighter fonts were less effective.

The “squint test” allowed us to gauge the optimal legibility distance of the brand name on signage and similar uses. It became evident that a font that was readable at a reasonable distance was crucial.

A confident smile conveys comfort, an action that lights up the soul and ignites a profound desire for completeness and reassurance. Such sentiments formed the foundation of the Feel Good Dental logo composition.
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