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Before StartSmall.Work

This post is a pharmacy SEO case study for Westbury Chemist, the leading pharmacy in Streatham, South London. StartSmall.work joint forces with Westbury Chemist in 2021. The chemist had an utterly outdated website built on old website technology. The website desperately needed a makeover for design and content that would help patients make informed decisions about their needs.

Our website designers and content writers collaborated with the team at Westbury Chemist to create a beautiful website. The website provided helpful content and mattered to patients when visiting the website. We produced a mobile responsive website design with a simplified navigation menu that directed patients to precisely what they needed. The previous website for Westbury Chemist wasn’t built for leads, conversions or sales. We had to change that.

Westbury Chemist underwent an extensive clinic refurb that introduced a next-generation dispensary system to help dispense medication at scale. Our team introduced SimplyBook.me for travel and aesthetic clinic appointments. This included forms to capture leads and a simplified way for patients to order prescriptions online.

Kicking Off The Pharmacy SEO Case Study

Simultaneously, while completing the website design, our content writers wrote content reflecting the brands’ offerings and benefits. Below is a traffic report. Please note the effectiveness of our content and optimisation efforts beyond 2021.

pharmacy seo case study - Westbury Chemist traffic report

Target Audience Discovery

For Westbury Chemist, it was like starting from scratch because the previous website did not reflect the business or marketing goals. We started from scratch. For us, we treated Westbury Chemist like a new business. With this mindset, we gained patient insight from the pharmacy staff working daily. Once we honed in on our target audience, we knew exactly what we needed to do for the next step, which was keyword research.

Keyword Research and Strategy

To every successful SEO campaign, it starts with keyword research. Keyword research is a significant step because it will determine the overall outcome of the SEO campaign. We audited all the service pages required for the pharmacy and found low-competition keywords that allowed us to jump the search engine rankings overnight. Our experts rapidly saw through our analytics that the pharmacy saw a dramatic increase in website traffic on day two while working on the SEO campaign.

We immediately targeted localised keywords (Streatham, Brixton and Norbury). This allowed us to uphold the competitive advantage we had. Especially because Westbury Chemists’ competitors were not optimised or executing their SEO campaigns. Over the next few months, we overtook all the competitors for terms like “chemist in Streatham” and travel clinic in Streatham”. Today, in 2023, we continue to hold the first position on Google for these and related keywords.

Below is our keyword report for Westbury Chemist in 2023. The website reaches 6.8k traffic every month whilst ranking for 6.5k keywords across the services pages and the blog post content that we’ve produced to help them become an authority in the industry.

Content Creation

An essential part of the SEO strategy was the proposed content strategy that we promoted to the database of patients at Westbury Chemist. We discovered early on that patients are looking for helpful content about vaccinations and common illnesses they face. With the opportunity we found for this type of content, we started building our comprehensive guides and articles they could read, digest and understand. Below, we present the top-ranking website pages on Westbury Chemist, with the right-hand side column showing the traffic volumes to those pages.


In conclusion, with good keyword research, discovering opportunities and a solid content creation strategy, we took Westbury Chemist from invisibility to visibility. They have also increased the size of their team because of the volume of business they have experienced. SEO is a lucrative marketing tactic that should be applied to every business. If you’re a pharmacy looking to achieve more patients, prescriptions and travel clinic appointments, you can contact StartSmall.work for our SEO services.

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