Affordable SEO Services For Micro and Small Businesses

Looking for affordable SEO services to jump your business to the first page of Google and Bing? We’re your digital partner providing micro and small businesses with optimised SEO services to rank up quickly.

organic seo growth - affordable seo services

Organic Growth

Let your competitors find you with a simple Google or Bing search.

organic growth seo - no ads. Affordable seo services

Zero Ads

Consistent and long-term leads without the on-and-off switch on ads.

Do It Big, Do It Better

A better strategy means more qualified leads. Ready to kick some butt?

Define: SEO

SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website on a search engine. In other words, search engine optimisation gets your business in front of your customers when they make relevant Google or Bing searches for your product or service.

Free Website & SEO Audit

Book in a free website SEO audit with This audit will illustrate your current website performance, keywords, ranking position, competitors and popular pages from your competitors’ websites. 

You will have a great idea of the kind of traffic coming to your website and provide a free report with suggestions for improvements with no obligations.

SEO Audit Form

Each audit is custom to your business. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a comprehensive audit report.

Find Your True Competitors

Have you ever wanted to know the best-kept secrets of your competitor’s website, its performance, the content they create, and much more? We’ll bring them to the surface with an SEO audit.

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Target Locals

With your wonderful products and services, target local customers who would benefit from what you offer. Targeting locals allows you to put your best foot forward by showing off your expertise and saying, “Hello, I’m here”.

Looking After The Technical Bits

Feel comforted by knowing that a reliable team is looking after your website. You can consider us as your digital guardian angels. When your website is in good health, up to date and active, the search engines will rank you higher. Don’t be like most people by creating a website and leaving it cold for years.

technical seo - affordable seo services
google business profile management - affordable seo

Google Business Profile Management

Take full advantage of your Google business profile by being well-optimised and regularly updated with attractive offers and posts with which prospective customers can engage.

Analytics & Reporting

Come out of the dark with regular performance updates from your website and Google business profile. We work with you to establish goals for your business and website, and collaborate with us to reach them faster.

Content Creation

Put your best foot forward by attracting customers by showing off your expertise through helpful blog content. The number 1 booster for SEO is creating blog content that:

Affordable SEO Services

Start Small

For Businesses Starting Up

£ 250
Per Month
  • 1 Keyword Optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Performance Optimisation
  • 3 Month Reporting
  • 1 Target Location
Minimum 3 Months Required. Billed Monthly.

Start Small Pro

Includes Start Small And

£ 350
Per Month
  • 5 Keyword Optimisations
  • 2 Fully Optimised Blog Posts
  • Existing Web Page Optimisation
  • Google Profile Management
  • 3-5 Target Locations
Minimum 3 Months Required. Billed Monthly.

Start Small Pro Plus

Includes Pro And

£ 500
Per Month
  • 15 Keyword Optimisations
  • 3 Fully Optimised Blog Posts
  • 3 Fully Optimised Blog Posts/mo

  • New Website Pages
  • Required for keyword targeting.

  • Keyword Tracking Reports
  • Insight into how well your targeted keywords are performing on the search engine results page.

  • 10 Target Locations
Minimum 3 Months Required. Billed Monthly.
Best Value 🔥

SEO Add-on Services

To offer you the most flexibility, you can customise each package with add-on services. Every business is unique and this is why we offer you complete customisation so you have what you to need to excel your small business online.

Additional Target Locations

As you experience business growth and tackle your primary focus areas, you start looking for other areas to focus on. This service comes in handy when you want to expand your SEO efforts.

Additional Keywords

There may be additional keywords you need beyond the packages provided based on your business size. Additional keywords are charged at a small monthly fee. Then we research the keyword, figure out how to rank for it, and develop a strategy that will help your business rank.


Affordable SEO Service FAQs

Depending on the desired package, the the number reflects the number of keywords we will optimise for your website. Naturally the more keywords you target, the better your targeting and optimisation.

SEO is not a “do one time” strategy. It requires ongoing work to continuously keep your website updated and optimised. In addition, we keep an eye on the market and the way things are moving to sail your strategy in that right direction.

Depending on the number of keywords you’re looking to optimise on your website, we may need to create new pages to focus the optimisation of that keyword.

The short answer is yes. The reason is because SEO takes time, it can take from 3 months to see the fruits of the optimisation on your website. Whilst we need to continuously be working and monitoring the website, our packages are only available on a monthly rolling basis for now.

Build An Instant Custom SEO Quote

Businesses are dynamic, and we understand that at We introduce our SEO calculator to help you configure the SEO services exactly how you want them.

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SEO Case Study

We started working with Westbury Chemist a year ago. We’ve put together a detailed case study to demonstrate how we implemented a brand new website and a comprehensive SEO strategy that yields them a tonne of traffic and new clinic bookings.

Westbury Chemist - Affordable SEO Services Case Study

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365 Days of Content using ChatGPT: Here's How AI Can Stack Your Blogging Schedule.

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    Small Business SEO FAQs

    SEO is a marketing tactic that is used to rank a website higher on the search engines. This in turn allows your prospective customers to find your business.

    SEO is not the same as running ads. It is a long term tactic that will reap organic traffic to your website and business once you rank on the first page.

    At, we advise all businesses to strongly consider working on their websites and SEO.

    SEO is required to have your business ranking higher on the search engines. This in turn drives traffic to your website.

    SEO is required if you want your website to be found and for people to know who you are and that you're there to solve their problems with your products and services.

    SEO puts your business on Google so you can be found organically by clients. Ads are paid for on a per click basis.

    Once you turn off your ads, your business disappears from the search engine.

    To maximise your marketing budgets and to get the most bang for your buck, we would advise that you work with us to put together a brilliant SEO strategy that will help take your business from being invisible to visible.

    SEO is for all types of businesses. Whether you are business in finance, law, pet care, plumbing and the list is infinite, SEO is for you.

    It can take 3-6 months to see your rankings fruition. However, depending on the competitiveness of your inudstry, it could take up to 12 months.

    The average is between 3-6 months. However, we've seen overnight rank changes for businesses we work with.

    When setting up your SEO campaign(s), we will work on the goals of this campaign together. To give you an example of what these goals can look like, you can consider:

    1. Increase in website traffic
    2. Increase in leads
    4. Emails
    5. Forms

    and much more.

    During our keyword research process, we may find new opportunities that can be lucrative for your business. Sometimes these are service pages and other times they can be a resource that can be helpful to your audience.

    There are a few circumstances where it may be necessary to create new pages for your SEO campaign.

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